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03. May 2017 33: Exploring Irish with Susan Folan

32: Brian Fox, A Life In Interpreting

This episode was special for me: I had the chance to sit down for a chat with Brian Fox. Just weeks after his retirement, Brian looks back at a long and rich career in SCIC, the interpreting service of the European Commission, both as an interpreter and in various roles in administration. We chat about his personal background, how he got into foreign languages and interpreting, his various roles in SCIC, the development of interpreting (including remote) and the future of our profession.

31: Paola Gentile and the status of interpreters

What do interpreters think about themselves and their profession? Do male and female interpreters have different opinions? And what do conference interpreters think about their public service peers? Italian interpreter and researcher Paola Gentile, PhD has crunched the data and tells us all about it.

28: EUsigns conference report

28 September 2016 is a special day. Hundreds of deaf people and dozens of sign language interpreters from all over Europe and even Japan gather in Brussels for a truly unique event: a conference on "Multilingualism and equal rights in the EU: the role of sign languages". This is my report.
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27: Katerina Strani

Katerina Strani was born in Thessaloniki, studied in Brussels and Moscow and now lives and works in Edinburgh. She translates and interprets from French and Russian into English and Greek. Oh, and not only does she hold a PhD on Communicative Rationality in the Public Sphere, she also managed to translate (!) her research into two comedy stand-up routines. Listen to the latest episode of LangFM to get the full picture!
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26: Knowledge People, Language People - With Jochen Hummel

Meet Jochen Hummel, one of the founders of Trados. Even if you're not familiar with his name, you have almost certainly heard of the piece of software that he helped create and that many translators rely upon each and every day to get their work done. Jochen and I talk about how Trados came to be, what he's been up to since selling Trados to SDL and what the future holds for language technology. Take a listen!
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24: Interpreters' Help

I had the chance to sit down with Benoît and Yann, the two developers, for a nice conversation, which I've edited down to this episode. Learn more about how Interpreters' Help came about (there's even a cameo!), how it can help you and what's in store for the future.​
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